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True Health

True Health is a well-balanced, and fluid synergy among ones physical, emotional, mental and spiritual self. Failure in one area results in an imbalance within the whole system; thereby creating conditions for disease. Disease stems from this communication breakdown between our physical body, and our neurobiological system!

Attaining the state of optimal health in mind, body and soul necessitates, simultaneous, development in all three areas. It is paramount one sculpt, shape, and tone their physical body, and their internal self “psyche and soul” concurrently, to create this condition of body and life balance.

A healthy, fit, body with a spiritually balanced psyche is the realm of true happiness and contentment”. Self-care through consistent exercise, proper nutrition practices, mind centering and clearing activities, spiritual evolution, and self-realization are all required for True Health!

Multi-Function Training Technology (MFTT)

MFTT is the evolution of modern exercise science; a whole-body training system, which produces time efficient, highly effective, and profound results, by integrating a TRUE mind, body, soul approach to training.

MFTT incorporates interval-based, compound, multiple-muscle group, and functional resistance exercises; coupled with CORE flexibility training, body structure/ posture support, and Boxing. A truly results oriented, and balanced, total body training system, which leads to optimal health and fitness!