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Michael reveals his secrets for trimming, shaping, and sculpting the body in the shortest time possible
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Look and feel your best!

Hollywood’s most sought after Fitness Expert and Celebrity Trainer
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If you want to look and feel your best!

Hire the best!
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Anything less is just a waste of time and money!

Transform your body and your life in the shortest time possible!

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Mission Statement

MGE Inc. Corporate USP  
MGE Inc. strives to provide superior support structures for those who are committed to living a healthier lifestyle, including corporate environments; through elite physical training in numerous modalities, the creation of exceptional educational and  support tools, including cutting edge products and new services, which sustain and reinforce living a healthy lifestyle, to attain and manage wellness and balance for optimal health!

MGE Inc. True Health USP
True health is a well-balanced and fluid synergy among one’s physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual systems.  Failure in one area causes an imbalance within the system as a whole, thereby opening the door for dis-ease.  The root of all dis-ease manifests from a communication breakdown within the four systems, which in turn, causes an imbalance!  It is this imbalance which threatens our very been and overall health.  Self care through consistent exercise, proper nutrition practices, mind centering and clearing activities, spiritual evolution and self realization are all required for True Health!

MGE Inc. Mission Statement
Our mission is to become a leading health and wellness institution in the healthy lifestyle transformation business.   Michael George’s passion is to coach as many people in this lifetime, to achieve the state of healthy lifestyle transformation.  MGE Inc.  intent is to provide MG branded products and services, which aid and support people from all walks of life to achieve a healthier and happier lifestyle.