Building Basketball Shoulders

Every one dreams of having strong basketball like shoulders.  Women stuff their jackets and blouses with extra padding so their shoulders look fuller.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have a suit or blouse fit without padding?  Well, it is possible with a little hard work in the gym.  Luckily, for most people the shoulders develop … Read More

Injury Prevention

We exercise for a myriad of reasons.  Many of these reasons are obvious such as  reduction of body fat, weight management, mental health, to feel better, or just for the overall positive health benefits.  However, there are certain injury prevention protocols that should be followed.  The last thing any of us wants is prolonged downtime … Read More

Planning for Exercise

“Time” is the number one obstacle or excuse for not exercising consistently.  It seems like we never have enough of time these days to do everything. That “To Do” or “Honey Do” list keeps getting longer and longer. We all have work obligations, family commitments and social events. Then there are errands such as the … Read More

How to Get Motivated to Exercise!

All are chosen!  Few respond! Over the years I have been asked numerous times by reporters, editors, freelance writers, clients, and people just like you;  How can I get motivated to exercise?  The answer is quite simple; Results! Results! Results!  The only exception to this rule may be your doctor staring directly into your eyes … Read More

Food Industry Impact on our Health

Living a healthy lifestyle is all about consistency and balance!  Eating the right foods, getting plenty of exercise, rest and having a positive attitude are all key components to a healthy lifestyle.  This includes eating plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits, low-fat protein sources, whole grains, nuts, legumes and drinking at least 8 glasses of … Read More

Considerations When Choosing a Personal Trainer?

A question I am often asked during my presentations is “How do I choose a Personal Trainer?”  Choosing the right trainer is vital because you are entrusting your body to that person. Often clients choose their trainer based upon how the trainers body appears.  The thinking is “if they are shredded and sculpted then they … Read More

Flexibility & Training

So you have finally made that all important decision to live a healthier lifestyle.  That is a profound and extremely important decision. You plan on partaking in a consistent exercise regime, which includes resistance training, cardiovascular conditioning and a healthy, balanced diet. That is awesome!  How about flexibility training? Didn’t think about that so much … Read More

Stevia… a substitute for Sugar?

There has been a lot of hoopla the past few years about whether or not Stevia is a good substitute for sugar. Based upon medical research on Stevia and my own personal experience the answer is undoubtedly yes.  I realize that eliminating sugar from ones diet completely is an unrealistic expectation.  There are just too … Read More