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Blog Archives

Building Basketball Shoulders

Every one dreams of having strong basketball like shoulders.  Women stuff their jackets and blouses with extra padding so their shoulders look fuller.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have a suit or blouse fit without padding?  Well, it is possible

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Flexibility & Training

So you have finally made that all important decision to live a healthier lifestyle.  That is a profound and extremely important decision. You plan on partaking in a consistent exercise regime, which includes resistance training, cardiovascular conditioning and a healthy,

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Stevia… a substitute for Sugar?

There has been a lot of hoopla the past few years about whether or not Stevia is a good substitute for sugar. Based upon medical research on Stevia and my own personal experience the answer is undoubtedly yes.  I realize

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Mini Workouts

Time is the #1 obstacle for most people in regards to consistent exercise!  My passion for the last 25 years has been to create and engineer highly effective workouts, while making these workouts extremely time efficient.   I have assisted clients

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Live Healthy to be Free of Fear

Fear is a feeling most people experience on a daily basis to some degree.  Fear……… better known as “false evidence appearing real” can paralyze people in their tracks and render them unfunctional. Once fear is realized and projected out ward

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Imagine a world where throwing punches and kicks is not only socially acceptable but considered a self-improvement project.  To find this nirvana, look no further than the fitness community where kick boxing classes, the fitness wave of the future, has

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Joint Health is the Foundation of Good Health

We are all concerned, or should be, about our overall health!  Living a healthier lifestyle is paramount to having a good, quality life.  Often times we forget about how much stress we put on our joints on a daily basis

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The Fat Burning Zone

What is the fat burning zone and how do I find my target heart rate range? The fat burning zone is a specific target heart rate zone which is the optimal place for your body to burn fat most effectively

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The Bomb Summer Prep Workout

Summertime, and the livin’ is easy–especially when you can cut your workout time in half. Is your summer schedule too tight for you to hit the gym? Nearly everybody has a hard time making room for strength training when warm

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Corporate Wellness Benefits

Corporate Wellness programs are becoming increasingly more popular among companies of all sizes for numerous reasons. The primary reason is that medical insurance rates are at an all time high and show no signs of decreasing in the near future. 

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