How to Get Motivated to Exercise!

All are chosen!  Few respond!

Over the years I have been asked numerous times by reporters, editors, freelance writers, clients, and people just like you;  How can I get motivated to exercise?  The answer is quite simple; Results! Results! Results!  The only exception to this rule may be your doctor staring directly into your eyes and stating”Your life depends on it!” Unfortunately, often even that doesn’t do the trick because we all hate being told what to do.  More to the truth is that people wait for that first big scare such as a heart attack, serious back injury, chronic neck pain, or a serious diagnosis.  Nothing motivates someone to change their lifestyle, to exercise consistently, and to eat healthier,  than pain, and shear fear!

Delayed gratification is a concept of the past.  These days immediate gratification is the norm.  We want to see visual results for the motivation to take action, and feel better in our own body.  However, feeling better is rarely enough for most people. They need to see visual results in the mirror to stay the course.

So how do we access the mindset, and move past the pre-contemplation stage, into action steps?  I wish I had the magic answer to that question.  Unfortunately, human behavior cannot be controlled by another human.

What I can tell you is that we are motivated by two primary emotions in life, pain and pleasure.  It really comes down to that simple equation.  When we are in enough pain, we seek pleasure at almost any price. The price we are willing to pay is directly proportional to the degree of pain we are experiencing.  Acceptance of truth is what activates the pain process.  Acceptance of truth also provides the relief from pain. The phrase, “the truth will set you free” is a very real proposition.  I know this to be true, based upon personal physical and emotional experiential pain. The pain did not subside until I dealt with the root cause of the pain, and then took action, to reduce the pain I was experiencing.

Since I am on the subject of truth lets get down to the crux of the issue for many people. The real truth is that taking care of our health, and our body, is directly proportional to our level of self-respect, and our degree of self-esteem!  Barring any medical conditions, which may prevent one from exercising or eating healthy. Sorry, to say, but that is the down and dirty real truth. If you are not taking care of your health chances are you do not feel good about yourself on the inside.  Then instead of looking inside to feel better, we often seek contentment, happiness, and joy through the external, which never seems to satisfy, and never will. You cannot feel better on the inside only through the external.  You can, however, begin internal transformation through the physical.  When we embark on a physiological transformation it is inevitable that an internal (psychological) transformation will emerge.

In my work with clients I deal in truth.  Our incessant need to live in denial, busyness, the past and the future, are all strategies, which hold us back from realizing our true potential. Truth is the primary vehicle that gets most people off the couch and into action.  Each of us must “take the bull by the horns” when it comes to changing our lifestyle.  Your journey will be unique, enlightening, and life changing. I promise!  During this process of rejuvenating hope, faith, and trust in oneself, much will be learned about who you are, and what you are made of.  All I do as a Whole-Body Health Coach is push clients past their self-imposed limitations. I guide clients through a time-tested process so they can realize their ultimate fitness goals. Then I teach them how to maintain their dream body for life!  It is a very simple equation; work effort + healthy nutrition + consistency over a period of time = goal attainment. This is the only way to access internal motivation.

What we allow into our bodies, and our minds, directly influences, and determines, what we get out of life, and how we react to what we manifest in our lives.  In short, our choices, attitude, and our way of being in life, are the key instigators. They determine what we get out of life, and how our life unfolds. These choices are a direct reflection of our emotional stability, and balance in life.  If we make conscientious, healthy choices, most likely we will have a fairly balanced, structured lifestyle.

It is vital we be honest with our self.  Ask yourself a few simple questions; “Am I happy with my life today?”,  “Am I happy with my body, and my health?” Then pause, and listen to your inner voice.  You will hear the truth if you are ready for it.  Internal motivation can only come from being honest with oneself.  Once, you move into action that is when results become the predominant motivational factor.  Start with baby steps.  Rome was not built in a day, and neither is a healthy body.  Embrace the journey!  You are in this for the long-haul.  Living a fit lifeyle is a life-long journey we participate in one day at a time. The visual results may motivate you to stay the course for a while.  However, how you feel in your body, and about yourself will motivate you for life!

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