Live Healthy to be Free of Fear

Fear is a feeling most people experience on a daily basis to some degree.  Fear……… better known as “false evidence appearing real” can paralyze people in their tracks and render them unfunctional. Once fear is realized and projected out ward it spreads like wild fire. Fear is not only prevalent in individuals, but in entire organizations, countries and in some cases it can even be world wide. Remember the AIDS epidemic?

Fear can stem from something big and overwhelming like losing your job, a failed relationship or financial insecurity.  Fear can also rear its ugly head over something small and insignificant such as “did I pay the phone bill this month” or “will so-and-so remember our appointment next week, and “am I going to be late to Jennifer’s party tonight?”  It doesn’t matter how large or small the scope of the fear is, it is still fear and as humans we react to fear in very adverse and unique ways. Unfortunately, we also make fear based decisions, which are typically our worst decisions.

What’s important to understand about fear is that it is typically illusion made up in our minds. Most fear stems from false assumptions or projection.  Fear and excitement are the same feelings except with a very different attitude and reaction towards them.  When we feel strong we can overcome fear with excitement.  When we feel weak fear is just plain old fear.  Stress from fear produces toxins within the body that are toxic and harmful and can escalate the aging process dramatically.

Overcoming fear in our lives can be a daily challenge and a lifelong process for most of us.  We’ve heard the term “Fear is the root of all evil”.  We remember Franklin D. Roosevelt’s quote, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself”. Well, it depends on how we react to fear and how we perceive fear based behavior.  If we look at fear in its raw natural state, fear is basically a figment of our imagination.  An illusion if you will.  A mental state of mind based upon past experiences, false perceptions, projections and uncertainty.  Nevertheless the feelings associated with fear are very real, but they may not be based on reality or truth.

“Courage is fear that has said its prayers” is a very profound and spiritual euphemism.  There is a certain degree of truth in approaching fear in this fashion.  Until one truly makes friends with his or her fears and bathes in the core of fear based pain, one can never be free from self.  It is our fears which place restrictions upon our success and failures in life.  We need to be able to fail big in order to succeed big.  Take Thomas Edison or Henry Ford for example.  Both men failed big and numerous times before success was realized.  If these men hadn’t overcome their fear of failure they never would have sustained the perseverance needed to succeed.

Freedom from self is a very interesting concept.  Most of us feel there are outside influences which prevent us from having or attaining certain things in our life.  The real truth, however, is that we, through or own personal fears and self imposed limitations, do not allow ourselves to achieve our dreams and goals.  Feelings of not deserving or not being good enough hold us back from our dreams. The fear of responsibility that comes with success prevents us from having what we want in life.  This is all good to know, but what do I do about it?

Following the path of healthy living begins with consistent exercise and a healthy diet.  Taking care of our physical health helps us to feel better about our inner self and our outlook on life as a whole.  This good feeling overflows into our mental, spiritual and emotional state of being so that fear and misguided perception are dissipated dramatically.   The positive benefits of consistent exercise and a healthy diet are to numerous to list, but I assure you they will be exposed very quickly.  This is why people say they feel better when they work out consistently.  They may not know exactly why they feel better about themselves but that is irrelevant for the most part. Yes, tangible benefits are seen on the outside; however, the intangible benefits are realized deep within our mental and emotional state of being as well as our nervous system.

As we begin to feel better about ourselves as a whole, fear based behavior gradually dissipates.  The challenge is to make consistent exercise and healthy eating on a daily basis a lifestyle.  A healthy body ignites a healthy mind and is the key to achieving lasting health benefits, while releasing ourselves from the overwhelming burden of fear based behavior and thinking.

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