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Become Empowered

Michael reveals his secrets for trimming, shaping, and sculpting the body in the shortest time possible
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Look and feel your best!

Hollywood’s most sought after Fitness Expert and Celebrity Trainer
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If you want to look and feel your best!

Hire the best!
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Anything less is just a waste of time and money!

Transform your body and your life in the shortest time possible!

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Hosting & MC Events

Michael is available for private and corporate events. He is available to Facilitate, Lead and Host special events that revolve around health, wellness and fitness.
  •  MC, Host or Lead Event; Grand openings, special day  events
  • Group Exercise Classes; Charity walk/ runs, triathlons, marathons, hikes
  • Corporate Wellness events
  • Workshops and Seminars
Television Appearances — Celebrity Trainer & Fitness Expert
  • “Times Square,” 2010 E3 Convention
  • “Spike TV,” 2010 E3 Convention
  • “Good Morning America”
  • “The View”
  • CNN Interview     Getting Ready for Ski Season
  • VH1 Interviews (Stars, May/December Romances, The Fabulous Life)
  • “Extreme Makeover” (2 Seasons)
  • E! Entertainment (101 Superlicious Makeovers)
  • A & E Biography (guest feature)
  • Slender Tone Media Tour (25 news stations)
  • “Make Me Beautiful” (English Documentary)
  • “Healthy Lifestyles”
  • “Fit TV” (10 guest appearances)
  • “Fox & Friends”
  • “Northwest Afternoon”
  • “Fit Resort & Spa” (5 guest appearances)
  • “Smart Solutions” (8 guest appearances)
  • “New Attitudes” (Lifetime)
  • “The Home and Family Show”
  • “Pop Stars”
  • “Good Morning Dallas”
  • “Denver Morning News”
  • “Cathie Bee Show”
  • “Jack London Show”
  • “Cardio Kung Fu” commercial spokesperson
  • “” spokesperson
Television Appearances as Host & Co-Host
  • 6-Week Body Express Coaching Software
  • Core Sculptor Plus Infomercial (with Lisa Hart)
  • Home Shopping Network (25 shows)
  • Fast 10 Exercise Videos (7 videos) and infomercial (with Nancy O’Dell)
  • Smoke-a-Way Infomercial
  • Fast 10 Exercise Videos (3 videos)
  • Cardio Kung Fu Infomercial
  • Cardio Kick Boxing Exercise Video
  • Martial Arts Sculpt & Shape Video
  • Yoga Stretching Exercise Video
  • Power Master Ultra Gym Infomercial (with Forbes Riley)
Television Appearances –  Fitness Expert & Spokesperson
  • XBox360 video game “Your Shape Fitness Evolved”
  • I Phone App ” Inteli Trainer Pro”
  • Times Square, 2010 E3 Convention
  • Spike TV, 2010 E3 Convention
  • Kathy Smith “Flip Track” Infomercial
  • “Bun & Thigh Sculptor” Infomercial
  • Power Box Video Infomercial (with Jenna Nolan)
  • Balance Bar Media Tour (36 news stations)
  • Scientific Board of Advisors for Balance Bar
  • Slim Science
  • Emerald Green Super Foods
  • Organic Milling Corporation
  • Complex Technologies
  • Pedigree 1, 2 Weight-Loss Formula
  • NIKE
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