Have your own Personal Celebrity Trainer!

Michael’s “Body Express Makeover” book is a complete coaching program from start to finish.  Michael coaches, inspires, and motivates through his book, as if he where right next to you, in the gym!  His 10, 20, and 30 minute dynamic, compound, multiple-muscle group functional exercise programs will help you lose weight, tone and sculpt, and gain strength and endurance, effectively and expediently.  It is “Fast Fitness” at its Core!

Michael created the “Body Express Makeover” training system to serve as a functional, time saving protocol!  It is unnecessary, and inefficient, to spend hours in the gym when you can complete highly effective total body workout in 10, 20, or 30 minutes.  Michael originally developed the Body Express Makeover training system for his A-list celebrity client’s who needed to transform their bodies as expediently as possible.


The Body Express Makeover training system includes martial arts stances, and techniques, plyo-metrics, Yoga postures, body structure alignment, balance stabilization and CORE training exercises. The BEM training system works numerous muscle groups simultaneously for a total body training system.


To bring the Body Express Makeover training system to your hotel, retreat, company, or event contact Michael directly at Michael@MichaelGeorge.com.