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Michael reveals his secrets for trimming, shaping, and sculpting the body in the shortest time possible
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Look and feel your best!

Hollywood’s most sought after Fitness Expert and Celebrity Trainer
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If you want to look and feel your best!

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Transform your body and your life in the shortest time possible!

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Body Express Makeover

Buy NowNow you can have your own Personal Celebrity Trainer.

The Body Express training program is a functional, dynamic & compound, multi-muscle group exercise, training system, which promotes getting fit, strong and lean (reducing body fat) effectively, efficiently and expediently.  It is “Fast Fitness” at its Core!

As an elite celebrity trainer and fitness expert; Michael created the “Body Express Makeover” training system primarily as a functional, time saving protocol.   He felt there was a strong need to rise above the current mindset of proper training protocols (at that time) to create a training system that stimulates fast body-fat reduction, which would also facilitate total body strengthening, sculpting and toning.  He developed this training system because his A-list celebrity client’s needed to transform their bodies efficiently, effectively and as expediently as possible. “Time was always of the essence”.

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Body Express Makeover is comprised of a series of dynamic, multiple muscle group exercises combined with functional training, boxing, martial arts techniques, ply metrics, Yoga postures,  structure and balance stabilization and CORE training. This system incorporates exercises that utilize numerous muscle groups simultaneously.  The Body Express Makeover is a total body training system that aids clients in not only getting fit fast, but in also training the total (whole) body for balance and optimal health.

Additionally, the  Body Express Makeover includes an entire system that includes, preparing clients for change, motivational tools and tactics, a complete nutrition protocol, interval training techniques, exercise and cardio regimes along with Michael’s  signature 10, 20 and 30 minute total body strength routines.

For more information on how to bring the “Body Express Makeover” training system to your gym, hotel, resort, company, institution or other location contact Michael directly at
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