Fitness Expert & Lifestyle Health Coach; Michael George and his elite personal trainers provide highly effective Wellness Programs.


“As the premier personal training company we have the ability to be extremely flexible in our approach to wellness and to accommodate any group or businesses needs and budget”

Michael George Enterprises Inc., is comprised of highly qualified personal trainers who assist Michael in the facilitation of a “hands on wellness approach” that includes lectures, workshops and one-on-one and/ or group classes and fitness training.

As your Wellness Program Facilitator, Michael will do a full analysis of your organization and then create a well structured, easily implemented Wellness Program which includes measured results. Michael and his team of elite personal trainers can offer continued participation and facilitation through weekly presentations and group training. Workshops can also be incorporated for follow-up support.

Michael George Enterprises inc. will be happy to structure a Wellness Program that fits your group or business needs and budget. For more information please contact

Do Employee Wellness Programs Work?

If you ask companies like Coca Cola, Prudential, Coors Brewing Co., Texas Instruments, Motorola, Pitney Bowes and IBM they will tell you undoubtedly; yes, Wellness Programs work and they work extremely well.

Recent employee wellness statistics show that fitness initiatives are “no-brainers” when it comes to potential cost savings, higher productivity and increased moral with fewer employee absences, injuries and lower health care costs.

Statistics to Ponder

  • Preventable illness makes up 80% of the burden of illness and 90% of all healthcare costs.
  • Preventable illnesses account for 8 of the 9 leading categories of death.
  • Lifetime medical costs average approximately $225,000 per person.
  • The average cost of health care per person in the US rose from $4000 per person in 1997 to $8000 per year in 2008 with Massachusetts having the highest per person cost. That is a cost of $32,640 for a family of four according to the latest Health and Human Services report.
  • Health care spending is 4.3 times higher then the amount we spend on national defense.
  • The US healthcare system is the most expensive of systems outstripping over half of the health care expenditures of any other country.
  • In 2008, health care spending in the United States reached $2.4 trillion and is expected to reach $3.1 trillion in 2012 and $4.3 trillion by 2016.
  • In 2008 the US spent 17 percent of its (GDP) gross domestic product on health care. This is expected to increase to 20 percent by 2017.
  • Since 1999, employment-based health insurance premiums have increased 120 percent compared to cumulative inflation of 44 percent and wage growth of 29 percent during the same time frame.

The Answer

There are many opinions on how to curb the steep escalation of rising health care costs, but there is only one universally agreed upon solution. Health care costs will decrease dramatically if all Americans adopted healthier lifestyles and companies partook in preventative measures. People would require less medical care.

The cost of inaction will severely affect every employer’s bottom line and consumer’s pocketbooks exponentially in the next few years.

Wellness Program Benefits

Wellness programs for small, medium and large companies are a vital component to a highly productive and efficient running business today. To gain the competitive edge you have to make sure your employees are healthy so they can be productive. Real world evidence demonstrates that there is a huge cost-benefit relationship for firms who institute wellness programs.

Wellness programs benefit both the employer and employee because current wellness statistics show an employer stands to gain $2.30 to $10.10 in cost savings per every dollar spent. What this tells us is that wellness programs are a win-win situation for employers and employees alike.

Health care and insurance costs continue to rise at exponential rates with no indication of slowing down anytime soon or ever. Incorporating wellness programs is the primary quotient that will help in reducing these costs.

In today’s world showing a caring attitude towards your employee’s wellbeing can go a long way in developing employee loyalty and an attitude of wanting to be productive and earn your keep. If an employee knows a company has their best interest at heart they are more apt to put forth their best effort on a daily basis. Once again wellness programs are a win-win for all involved.

At Michael George Enterprises we institute wellness programs for companies of all sizes at price points that are cost effective and perform through proven results that can be tracked and quantified.