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Become Empowered

Michael reveals his secrets for trimming, shaping, and sculpting the body in the shortest time possible
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Look and feel your best!

Hollywood’s most sought after Fitness Expert and Celebrity Trainer
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If you want to look and feel your best!

Hire the best!
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Anything less is just a waste of time and money!

Transform your body and your life in the shortest time possible!

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Hire MG for a Weekend Fitness Retreat


Change your Body; Change your Life; In a Weekend!

Michael has a reputation for helping his clients Get Fit Fast, and to feel better in the process!  He coaches all his clients on how to create a lifestyle, which supports the process and journey of getting fit, but even more importantly, feeling better in mind, body and spirit, while facilitating healthy lifestyle transformation.

“Consistent exercise and eating healthy is not just about looking better, it’s also about feeling better!  If you are consistent in your efforts to feel better, the bi-product is you WILL LOOK BETTER in the process!”

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If you can’t come to Michael, Now he is available to come to you for a weekend health and fitness retreat!  Michael will come to you and coach up to 3 clients throughout the weekend retreat.  When Michael leaves you will have the knowledge and direction to change your body and get healthier in mind, body and spirit along with retaining that level of fitness for life!

  • Friday night through Sunday mid-afternoon
  • A hotel, home or public gym location will be pre-arranged
  • Friday:  Michael will fly in on a Friday afternoon.  The first meeting will take place that evening and include a complete health and fitness assessment, body fat testing (optional), health questionnaire, goal setting and scheduling for the weekend. The meeting will end with Q & A.
  • Saturday & Sunday: Both days will be filled with various training sessions, coaching sessions and discussion workshops on topics Michael deems relevant to your specific circumstances.  At the end of the weekend each participant will have a customized exercise and nutrition program specific to their goals.  Follow-up protocols will be addressed as well.
What you will Receive
  • A complete health and fitness assessment including Ultra Sound Body Fat testing (test optional)
  • Health and fitness coaching from Michael
  • A customized exercise and nutrition program designed specifically for your goals and limitations.
  • Several discussion workshops, coaching and training sessions.
Topics covered can include
  • What it means to live a healthier lifestyle
  • Healthy nutrition practices in including Michael’s 4 Nutrition Principles
  • The Power Tools (commitment, discipline, consistency)
  • Motivation techniques and tools
  • Time management, priority setting, overcoming obstacles and empowerment
  • These are just a few of the topics that may be covered.
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