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Resort Programs

Resort “Body Express Makeover” Programs

Michael George offers his “Body Express Makeover” group exercise classes and program to luxury resort locations worldwide for weekly or weekend retreats.

Bring a Michael George “Body Express Makeover” Retreat to your Luxury Resort Hotel!

Conducting weekly or weekend health and fitness retreats or reboots is Michael’s specialty.   As a leading Celebrity Trainer, Fitness Expert, Lifestyle Transformation Coach, Author and Speaker his passion is to help others transform their lives.

Resort vacationers prefer a luxurious, hotel resort location to kick-start a new exercise regime, reboot their system and/ or embark on a new journey of living a healthy lifestyle.

Creating a fitness experience or health and wellness resort destination hotel is a strong revenue producer for luxury resorts, which can easily be quantified and tracked through guest room bookings, customer loyalty and repeat visits.  In today’s economic climate offering additional revenue producing services is important for all luxury resort hotels.

As an elite Celebrity Trainer and Fitness Expert for over 25 years experience Michael has had the opportunity to travel throughout the world on-location with clients, presenting & educating on health and wellness.  He has worked with numerous A-list celebrities, CEO’s, diplomats, princesses, professional athletes and housewives as well.  Michael has also had the opportunity to work with all types of cultures.

For more information on Michael’s “Body Express Makeover’ resort programs contact
Body Express Makeover Participant Benefits

Participants will receive innumerable benefits such as:

  • Lose of excess body fat
  • Improve overall fitness level (cardio output, strength, power, flexibility)
  • Increase total body muscle tone and definition
  • Increase metabolic rate (day-to-day calorie expenditure)
  • Increase muscle tone in problem areas
  • Increase Core strength
  • Increase balance and coordination
  • Learn how they should train themselves
  • Gain more confidence
  • Gain a better body image
  • Learn proper nutrition habits and protocol
  • Gain a more positive outlook on their life
  • Gain motivation to change their lifestyle
  • Acquire team building skills
  • Acquire camaraderie with others
Body Express Makeover Program Week Itinerary

Presentation (Optional)
The evening prior to the start of each “ Body Express Makeover” week, Michael George will conduct an Introduction presentation that will include his background,  program components and what participants can expect during the week-long fitness program.  The presentation will of Q & A from the participants.

Participants will leave the presentation excited, inspired and motivated to begin a new path, or to resume an old path that may have faltered. All class participants will receive a free gift bag. The contents of this gift bag are (TBD).

Prior to each week-long program all participants will fill out a detailed questionnaire & liability form. Participants will receive these forms prior to the start date of the program and bring them to the initial presentation.   The purpose of the questionnaire is to learn each participant’s age, fitness level, fitness goals and medical concerns. This also provides Michael with a demographic profile of the group.

Each class will be structured and set-up based upon the number of participants at the level of beginner, intermediate and advanced intermediate participants. The structure and intensity of each class will correspond to meet their fitness levels, needs and restrictions of the participants. Each participant will be reminded to work within their own pace and take breaks when and as needed.

Each class will be taught over a 5-day period, Monday thru Friday. Classes will begin promptly at 7:00 am and end around 8:30 am.

Class Structure
Each “Body Express Makeover” week long program will be progressive, incorporate total body workouts and will include, but not limited to, various aerobic, strength and flexibility exercises.  Additionally, each class will focus on Core strength, improved balance & coordination along with on-going healthy eating and nutrition guidelines and discussions.  All classes will begin with a slow warm-up and stretching protocol and end with a stretching and/ or a Yoga posture based, cool down period.

Optional Activities
Group classes can also incorporate boxing and martial art training should the resort be interested in offering such activities?

A late afternoon “Fun Run” with Michael can also be incorporated for participants who choose to participate.

Contests (Optional)
At the end of the week-long ‘Body Express Makeover” classes and immediately following the final class awards can be given out to various participants who excelled in a specific category.

Examples of some categories could include;

  • Hardest Worker
  • Most Committed
  • Most Motivational
  • Most Weight Loss
  • Most Progress made
  • Most likely to Continue

Meal/ Menu Offerings (Optional)
The resort can choose to create and offer a healthy choice menu at during the week long fitness classes. This menu can be priced at a premium to cover any additional costs.

Note: In general healthy choice menus are cheaper to offer in regards to COGS (cost of goods sold) as the primary foods in this menu are produce related and typically lower cost options.

Investment to Resort (TBD)


The “Body Express Makeover” week long program is a strong loyalty building program for any resort to offer their guests.  This program provides resorts with the ability to offer a revenue producing service to their resort services offering and to provide their guests with the best in service from a leading and internationally recognized Fitness Expert.

For more information on Michael’s “Body Express Makeover’ resort programs contact