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Why Hire a Skype Trainer?

My PASSION is health and fitness. My PURPOSE is to educate others on health and fitness. I am COMMITTED to coaching and motivating others towards healthy lifestyle transformation. I want you to live a healthy life, as I do with my numerous celebrity clients. I can educate and coach more clients through Skype then I could ever reach working one-on-one.

Why hire a Skype Personal Trainer?  Clients hire me as their personal trainer and health coach for numerous reasons.

  1. Some clients hire me because they just cannot manage to find the right fitness formula that works for their genetic body type?  They need a coach who can provide guidance and a clear path or direction.  A fitness expert like myself has the experience, knowledge and wisdom to pin-point problem areas and sticking points just by listening to clients speak and their stories.  As such I can provide the missing link or knowledge and then guide clients down a more logical and efficient path to getting fit.
  2. Some clients hire me because they feel they lack the internal motivation, will power or discipline to get fit on their own?  This is a very common issue and concern. While in some cases the above may be true the real issue(s) is typically, more often than not, a much deeper and more complex personal issue or a combination of issues.  Often this missing internal motivation or inner discipline revolves around what I refer to as the Power Tools of life.  Weak Power Tools in the areas of consistency, commitment issues, discipline, follow through, motivation, inspiration and even the courage to begin the process can be extremely debilitating.  I can help clients with these issues and coach them all the way to the goal line.
  3. Some clients hire me because they are in a certain degree of fear for one reason or another. There are many realistic and many illusive fears that can manifest and hold people back when they finally make a decision to embark on a journey to get fit and live a healthier lifestyle.  Fear is normal. There is nothing wrong with feeling fear.  It means you are human. It is only when that fear blocks you from your passion or your dreams for yourself that fear becomes a debilitating issue and needs to be addressed.   The fear of past failures or the fear of uncertainty on how to get started on your own is common?  The fear that once again your will fail at getting fit by yourself?  The fear you may hurt yourself when training.  The fear you might train yourself the wrong way. These are all fears I address with clients and then offer simple solutions, suggestions and inspiration.  If you are experiencing any of these fears a fitness expert and health coach is needed to push you through these blocks.
  4.  Some clients hire me because they are not yet in the Action stage of change?
  5.  Some clients hire me because they are frustrated at not seeing results fast enough?
  6.  Some clients hire me for nutrition counseling and advice?
  7.  Some clients hire me because they need something new to make their program more challenging, dynamic or alive

What ever concern or challenge plagues you I can offer you the solutions, suggestions, guidance and direction you need to succeed in getting fit and healthy and in life..

I offer Skype training, consulting and coaching in various formats and packages.

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