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Trainers Corner

Trainers Corner is an area designated for Health, Fitness & Wellness trainers, instructors, professionals and practitioners.  The purpose of Trainers Corner is to provide health professionals with four separate areas of interest.

What’s New

This section will highlight upcoming media or television appearances by Michael.  We will also keep health professionals up to speed on any upcoming workshops, seminars or other events.   Lastly, the What‘s New area will highlight interesting, or cutting edge health related news, products, services, programs, and equipment for wellness professionals.

The first Event to watch out for is Michael’s “Success Secrets of the Top Trainers” workshop.

Michael will be conducting his “Success Secrets of Top Trainers”, seminar in Los Angeles.  Dates and times are (TBD) 

SSTT Workshop

Available Opportunities 

MGE Inc. is always expanding our  training service offerings into local condominium complexes and other facilities, various institutions and companies, luxury hotels and for on-location training.  We are always looking for  highly passionate, qualified,  and experienced personal trainers, and wellness professionals who understand how to work in a team player environment.  A personal trainer must be certified by either NASM, ACSM, or NSCA , and have current liability insurance.

If you have a coaching or instructor skill that you feel MGE Inc. should offer, or that may be relevant to the health industry please send us a bio, resume and a short description of the service you offer and why you feel it is an important service offering in the health and fitness industry.

Trainers Tools 

In this section we offer new training tools that we feel all health and fitness professionals should utilize.

Currently we are highlighting

The Body Metrix System Ultra Sound Composition Tool

Our Library of  over 500 High-Rez, HD, (10-second) Quick Time exercise clips is available for purchase.  This is a great way to customize exercise programs with new exercises for your clients.

You can purchase a partial list or the entire list of exercise clips.  Theses exercise clips can be used when creating exercise programs for your clients so they can visually see each exercise performed correctly.

We offer Michael’s “Intelitrainer Pro” I Phone App as a white label opportunity.  Now you can have your own I Phone App complete with your logo, business name and website landing page for a fraction of the cost to develop your own I Phone application.  You can sell or give away your App to clients or list your App on I Tunes for sale.

You can also purchase Michael’s “Intelitrainer Pro” I Phone App on I Tunes.  Experience the “Intelitrainer Pro” App’s amazing functionality first hand.

Skype Business Coaching for Health and Fitness Professionals

Michael is now offering Skype business coaching for health and fitness professionals.  Get all your questions answered in 1 Skype session with Michael, or purchase a series of coaching sessions, and let Michael save you much needed time and money in building your personal training business!