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Skype Business Coaching for Health Professionals

Awesome!  You finally made the decision to become a certified fitness professional.  Maybe you chose to be a personal trainer (CPT), or an class exercise instructor or to become a Yoga or Pilate’s instructor.  All of these are extremely rewarding and commendable service related professions.  But now what?

Well…. you can start out by working for a public gym chain or a chain Yoga studio.  This will help you to get practical experience, gain more knowledge and confidence in your ability in working with clients.  This is a very logical starting point for most health and wellness professionals.

However, at some point, and most likely very early on, you are going to quickly discover that you are working for an extremely low hourly wage.  Public chain gyms, Yoga and Pilate’s studios pay you a fraction of what you are worth, while they take a bulk of the income.  That is how public gym chains make the bulk of their income. Off of trainers and instructors.

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Today, the health and fitness professional market is becoming saturated with numerous new trainers, instructors, therapists and other modality practitioners flooding the market every day.  Some are career professionals, while others are just looking for part-time gig to supplement their income.

So how do you break out of the pack?  How do you create a successful business model and a reputation in a saturated market?   How do you build a name for yourself and a substantial clientele?   How do you budget and plan for the future with constant client attrition?  How do you create an ongoing marketing system and structure to acquire new clients?

Michael’s academic education is in Marketing Management and Communications. He is a master marketer.  As a successful entrepreneur and business man in the health and fitness industry for over 25 years he has experienced all of the above situations.  He has also made every mistake you will make if you do not seek proper guidance and direction.  Success in any industry is built on a succession of failures.  However, you do not need to make the same mistakes others who have paved the way before you have made.

Michael has the experience and knowledge to coach you on a straight path to success!  He can answer all of your questions in just a few minutes on a phone or Skype coaching session.  Don’t continue to waste your time and money on wild ideas or unproven marketing strategies.  It doesn’t matter if you have been in the industry for decades or a few years Michael can coach you through any obstacle or challenge you will face.
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